Build better personal banking experiences for your people and your customers

In an evolved banking and technology landscape with a diverse ecosystem of touchpoints, your customers now have the power.

You need to give them the seamless, rewarding end-to-end journey they demand – and position your bank as a true leader in service, trust and advocacy.

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Building a smarter banking journey

We can help you create better end-to-end banking experiences – from identifying the best branch locations to promoting lasting customer loyalty. See how.


Be certain about your branch locations, functions, resources and layout with Smart Steps’ anonymised insights on over 25m O2 customers, and tailor the customer experience with O2 Wifi’s instant brand engagement.


Harness O2 Wifi’s rich customer data to create instant mobile connections and offer potential customers timely and targeted messaging. And use compliant acquisition tools like Interactive Messaging to create more cross- and upsell opportunities.


Give your people fully managed mobile devices to create more informative staff interactions with customers, while ensuring the end-to-end security and efficiency of your services.


Draft in experts from all over for live video conferencing via Tok Box, connecting all your branches and customers with the strongest possible roster of service specialists.


Add a powerful layer of ID-verification security to mobile banking transactions with Smart Digits, protecting customer data and your reputation from evolving cyber threats.


Build loyalty with relevant, rewarding offers and updates through Interactive Messaging services and targeted social media engagement. Then boost your customer’s confidence in your services with the added protection of Smart Digits security.

Engaging customers with rich data and innovative solutions

Smart Steps

O2 has over 25m customers. And Smart Steps is built on their anonymised data to help you keep on top of their evolving needs and deliver more value with every interaction. It can also help you identify the most appropriate branch locations and optimise layouts, tailoring your services to create better, more rewarding customer experiences.

Interactive Messaging

As part of O2, Interactive Messaging uses our cellular location data to build an accurate picture of consumer behaviour. These intelligent analytics can create bespoke target audiences, offer campaign analysis that goes beyond the click and provide detailed insight into existing and potential customers.


O2 offers the UK’s fastest and most resilient public wifi network – with over 25m users and 15,000 hotspots. Build a truly flexible banking environment by giving customers the free, high-quality wifi they expect, and getting the deep consumer insights you need (at branch and group level).

Secure devices

Give your people secure, reliable mobile devices that empower a more agile and responsive customer service approach, while protecting sensitive account and business data – all backed by our complete end-to-end device management.

Smart Digits

Using our insight on a customer’s mobile activity and behaviour, we can help alert you to potential fraud. So you can address growing industry concerns over security, ensure regulatory compliance and improve customer service – with the opt-in services trusted by 4 of the UK’s top 5 banks.

Mobile messaging

Through SMS, MMS, Voicemail and in-app alerts, we help you open more lines of immediate, relevant and trackable customer communication. This speeds up your interactions, ensuring potential issues get resolved faster and opportunities get shared with the right people – in a way that best suits them.

Tok Box

With this leading Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) platform, you can embed live video, voice and messaging directly into your existing web and mobile apps. So advisors and support centre staff can be in face-to-face contact with customers – whether they’re visiting a branch or on-the-go.


With a single flexible platform, you can optimise your deployment of in-branch resources and deliver more efficient customer experiences across channels. Manage appointments and footfall more effectively to improve sales, operations and customer relationships.


From airtime credit, discounted tickets on can’t miss events through to a new mobile or high street vouchers; we’re always looking for ways to make customer experiences better. And by bringing O2 Rewards into Priority, you and your customers can get more benefits than ever.

Proving our value as a partner

See how organisations in banking and other industries use O2 solutions and our secure, award-winning network to create better service experiences.

And consider how those solutions, linked by a single supplier and just one SLA, can work together to improve customer journeys across every touchpoint.

Lloyds Banking Group

Protecting customers from evolving fraud threats


Keeping customers secure when banking abroad

Royal Bank of Scotland

Converting more customer enquiries into sales


Treating customers to a new restaurant experience

Partnering with O2

Born mobile

We’ve never been constrained by a fixed network. With us, your people, devices, teams, projects and locations simply connect.

People first

We’re committed to putting you and your people first, understanding your issues and ensuring you can collaborate brilliantly – wherever you are.

Service focused

We’re as service-focused as you are – with dedicated teams and a support network that revolve around your uptime and user needs.

Innovation driven

We always aspire to offer the fairest tariffs, deliver the smartest connectivity and adopt the highest security standards. And we were the first to achieve the Carbon Trust Triple Standard for sustainability.

Flexible in our DNA

We aim to let you just get on and deliver in everything we do – from the scalable, customisable products and services we bring you to the choice of ways you can pay.